Rehoboth United Methodist Church 18580 Partlow Road
Chilesburg, Virginia 23015

Pastor Chris Watson

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Prayerful Appetizers for the soul


Linda L. Rapp

Purpose of Prayer:

. To ask Jesus Christ into my life.

 To earnestly seek a perfect trust in God.

 To attain hope for a renewed and strengthened relationship with the Lord.

 To ask  for a charitable nature, in which we can extend kindness.

 To know I can trust in God’s promises in times of disappointment.

 To set apart time to pray.

To seek ways to bring glory to God.

Expressing gratitude for our friendships.

To pray that the Power of God will work through them.

To know God’s immense love.

To understand that even in our hardships God meets our true needs.

To understand the purpose of the season of Lent.

To know that God has a plan for our lives.

To ask God’s help in serving others.

To seek God’s help in carrying my burdens.

To seek encouragement during difficult times and to ask for a steadfastness
     in our faith to help us endure our hardships.

To ask God for forgiveness of my sins, and to bring peace and wholeness.

To ask assistance in loving and caring for others.

To ask for God’s assistance and to give Him thanks for a wonderful gift.

To ask for God’s loving comfort in my time of rejection and loneliness.

To seek the fullness of God in my life.

To pray for endurance in my afflictions and sufferings.

To invite God into my day.

To seek and ask for God’s protection.

To reminisce in God’s Grace.

To feel loved and a part of God’s family.

To cast my cares on Him.

To know, that no matter what my circumstances---I can feel God’s presence with me.

To know that true knowledge is acquired through humbleness.

To strengthen and give encouragement to my faith.

To ask for God’s help in praying when circumstances in my life overwhelm me or because I feel unworthy to be in his presence.

To reach a place in my life where I thirst for Jesus.

To realize that God doesn’t give up on us.

To earnestly ask for God’s help.

To know the joy of having the LORD as my strength.

To receive the reassurance that  God will deliver me from my worries and stress.

To realize life is short, that I need to seek time to enjoy life and praise God for my happiness.

To find internal peace.

To understand that in our depths of despair, we can have God’s grace, comfort and an unshakeable trust in him.

To seek tranuility in our daily circumstances.

To feel sorrow for excluding God from my day.

To ask the LORD to restore someone’s health and spirit.

To remember that I can run to God in times of trouble and find refuge in His infinite strength.

To seek God’s way of dealing with those who persecute me.